Paolo Perinotti

Address: Dipartimento di Fisica,
Università di Pavia, via A. Bassi 6, Pavia 27100 (ITALY)

Tel.: +39 0382 987675

skype: perinotti3




Curriculum vitae

About me:

I am a Researcher in theoretical physics. My main interests are: foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, quantum information and computation, operational probabilistic theories, quantum cellular automata, quantum walks.

The main results I achieved in collaboration with QUIT are:

  • Informational derivation of quantum theory
  • Derivation of the Weyl’s, Dirac’s and Maxwell’s equations from principles of information processing
  • Fermionic theory as an operational probabilistic theory
  • The theory of quantum combs and various applications
  • Quantum computation beyond causally ordered circuits
  • Data processing for informationally complete quantum measurements
  • Covariant informationally complete quantum measurements
  • Quantum superbroadcasting
  • Quantum estimation and alignment of Cartesian reference frames