We investigate how Nature works at its core, and we use this knowledge to develop procedures and protocols to solve everyday problems with a quantum twist. Our approach involves using quantum information theory both to study the foundations of physics and to obtain practical applications to quantum computation, quantum metrology, quantum cryptography and quantum technology in general.

Our current main research lines are:

  1.  what are the deep reasons behind why quantum mechanics is the way it is (operational justification of the quantum postulates).
  2.  the general frameworks that can be used to study all quantum effects (operational probabilistic theories).
  3. quantum cellular automata for the quantum reconstruction of spacetime.
  4. quantum computations with indefinite causal structure and quantum computations of quantum computations (quantum functional programming).
  5.  quantum computation to develop novel quantum algorithms and noise mitigation strategies.
  6.  quantum metrology to obtain ultra-precise measurements at the cutting edge of what is physically possible.
  7.  quantum communication protocols and quantum cryptography.
  8.  novel quantum technological applications: quantum neural networks, quantum radars, quantum medical tomography, etc.
  9.  the quantum aspects of time.



Scientific results