Research Projects

Active projects:

  • Quantum Causal structures

    Funded from the Templeton foundation.

  • Quantum Spacetime

    Funded from the FQXi foundation.

  • Uncertainty relations 2.0

    Blue sky research funded from the University of Pavia

Past projects:

Privately funded projects

Quantum Digital Universe (D’Ariano): funded from the Templeton foundation

A Quantum-digital Universe: (Perinotti, Maccone): funded from the Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia

National projects

Prin 2002: Entanglement Assisted High Precision Measurements (D’Ariano national coordinator)

Prin 2003: New Generation of Quantum Measuring Devices for Photonics and Quantum Information (D’Ariano)

Prin 2005: Broadcasting of Quantum Information and Cryptography (D’Ariano national coordinator)

Prin 2008: Quantum Circuits Architectures (D’Ariano national coordinator)

Firb 2001 (2003-05):Novel quantum measurements by parametric processes (D’Ariano)

European projects

ATESIT: Active Teleportation and Entangled State Technology (D’Ariano)

CORNER: Correlated Noise Errors in Quantum Information Processing (Macchiavello)

COQUIT:Collective quantum operations for information technologies (D’Ariano)

EQUIP: Entanglement in Quantum Information Processing and Communication (Macchiavello)

QUPRODIS: Quantum Properties of Distributed Systems (Macchiavello)

SECOQC: Development of a Global Network for Secure Communication based on Quantum Cryptography (Macchiavello)

Advanced research projects (PRA) of INFM

CLON: Quantum Teleportation and Quantum Cloning by the optical parametric squeezing process