Quantum Optics

Teacher: Lorenzo Maccone

Lectures: Tuesday and Thursday 16-18, room A202.



Schedule and detailed topics.

Videos of the lectures for the course 2020-21 (Google drive accedere con la vostra password universitadipavia.it)

Videos of the lectures (for the course 2015-16). Alternate link here.

Main topics:

Summary and review of quantum mechanics through its axiomatic structure.
Review of classical electrodynamics and quantization of the electromagnetic field.
Matter-radiation interaction.
Algebraic methods for quantum optics.
Important quantum states of the radiation and their properties.
Quantum interference and quantum optics experiments, main devices.
Open quantum systems (Master equation and CP-maps). Examples for quantum optics.
Detection in quantum optics (direct detection and its main sources of noise, homodyne and heterodyne).


Scully e Zubairy, “Quantum Optics”, Cambridge Univ. Press
Gerry e Knight, “Introductory Quantum Optics”, Cambridge Univ. Press
For more in-depth study: Mandel e Wolf, “Optical coherence and quantum optics”, Cambridge Univ. Press
(all books can be found in the department library).
Homodyne and Heterodyne material: (pdf)